Travel Vaccinations

Traveling overseas? It can be difficult to sort through recommendations and requirements to find out what you really need. Let our Pharmacists help you meet your travel health needs.

You can contact your Pharmacy about getting the travel vaccines you need.

How It Works:

Contact a Pharmacy location that offers travel consultations to set up an appointment.

  • Your Pharmacy provides easy access and appointment times that are convenient to you. These Pharmacies offer travel health appointments during the same hours that the Pharmacy is open. If possible, schedule your appointment at least 2 weeks before your trip, ideally 6-8 weeks before. Even if you have waited until the last minute, don’t hesitate to contact us, as it’s still possible to receive the benefits of some vaccines.
  • Bring your travel information to your appointment. It’s most helpful to bring your complete itinerary, including dates, cities, flight layovers, accommodation details and any activities you will be participating in. Bring your immunization record with you if you have it. Also bring a list of your medications and medical conditions.

During Your Appointment:

a. Medical History:

Our Pharmacists will ask you a variety of questions to determine what vaccines are recommended for you specifically, based on your travel itinerary, vaccine history and medical history. The risk of becoming ill or injured during international travel depends on many factors, such as the region of the world visited, your age and health status, the length of the trip and the type of planned activities.

You can download a Travel History Form to complete before your appointment.

b. Vaccinations:

Many countries require proof of certain vaccines for entry such as yellow fever, meningococcal or polio vaccines. Other vaccines, although not required, are strongly recommended due the presence of various diseases in those countries.

c. Travel Advice:

The best way to prevent getting sick while traveling is to prevent exposure as much as possible. In addition to vaccines, ourPharmacists will give you valuable travel advice to stay healthy and safe.

d. Preventive Medications:

For some diseases, such as malaria, an oral medication is used to prevent the disease. Our Pharmacists can help you obtain needed medications for malaria, traveler’s diarrhea, jet lag, altitude sickness and other illnesses as needed for your trip.

e. Vaccine Records:

Your Pharmacist will provide you with the proper documentation needed for proof of required vaccines and a record of all vaccines you received during your visit to save for future trips.

Ask questions: Don’t forget to ask questions! We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to stay healthy and safe during your trip. Look below for a list of questions you may want to ask your Pharmacist. After your appointment: Some vaccines require follow up doses to ensure lifetime immunity. Your Pharmacist will contact you to remind you of upcoming doses to finish a series.

Enjoy your trip! Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, tourism or mission work, or visiting friends and relatives, we hope that you have a wonderful trip! International trips can be very expensive, and we do not want your trip to be ruined by sickness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who provides the travel consultation service?

The service is provided in a face-to-face setting with our Pharmacists who are trained in travel medicine.

What does the service include?

Each traveler will be given a personalized travel package with educational material outlining their travel-related risks and prevention strategies. The Pharmacist will also carefully select the appropriate vaccines and medications recommended for your planned travel destination(s). The vaccine and medication recommendations will be based on national guidelines. You’ll receive your medications and vaccinations at the end of the consultation appointment.

When should I make my appointment?

The travel consultation should be scheduled at least 6 weeks before the travel departure date, to allow some vaccines and medication the necessary 2 weeks or more to take effect. Travelers should schedule a travel consultation as soon as possible. If your departure date is in less than 6 weeks, you may still be able to receive some preventative vaccines and medications. Our Pharmacy staff will try our best to accommodate your schedule.

How much does the consultation cost?

The consultation fee is $50 per person. Ask us about group discounts.

How will the vaccines and medications be charged?

We will bill your prescription insurance whenever possible. If insurance does not cover specific medications or vaccines, we will charge the usual price.

What information should I bring to the appointment?

Bring a detailed travel itinerary, vaccine records and prescription insurance card.

How will my primary care providers be informed?

The Pharmacist will fax the completed consultation documents to your doctor. The Pharmacy may also contact your doctor to obtain necessary prescriptions.

What resource can I use to find information about the country I’m traveling to?

Use CDC’s travel website, for additional information.

*Available vaccines may vary by store.