Simoniz® Fire Gone™ Fire Suppressant - Red/Yellow Perspective: Main

Simoniz® Fire Gone™ Fire Suppressant - Red/Yellow

16 OunceUPC: 0075208077107
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Fire Gone™ is a fire suppressant packaged in a compact and cleverly designed aerosol can. It delivers a strong targeted stream that goes right to the source of the fire, coating it with specially formulated, firefighting foam. Easy to use and simple to clean-up. Made from biodegradable materials.

In-Package Weight: 1.33 Pound

In-Package Dimensions: 2.5 Inch x 10.75 Inch x 2.5 Inch

Warning: This product has contents under pressure. Keep product out of reach of children. This item cannot be sold in California due to California's restriction on the sale of any fire suppressants.

Model: SFG-7107

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