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Roex Mother's Gift Colostrum with Taurine

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Roex® Mother''s Gift® Colostrum Formula is a standardized concentration of 100% bovine colostrum certified to be free of hormones and antiobiotics.  Roex''s colostrum is collected only from Grade A USDA dairies located in the Southwest of the United States.  These farms get their water from large underground aquifers from the Colorado River from soils that are DDT free.  The cows are fed grass grown on the fertile plains on the lower Colorado River and then trucked to the dairy farms.  No artificial feeds or feeds containing animal parts are used.  These cows are organically grown and specifically breed under the highest standards.  This is important because we guarantee our colostrum to be free of antibiotics.

Colostrum is the first substance that a nursing mother gives her newborn.  The growth factors inherent within colostrum are designed by nature to keep us well and maintain good health.

> Roex Colostrum contains transfor factors, which are ''immune information'' molecules that have the ability to "inform" other immune cells regarding their immune response to harmful agents.

Medical science has shown that growth factors can be replaced in the human body with bovine colostrum.  Bovine colostrum is said to be 40 times richer in immune factors than human colostrum.

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