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Nature's Plus Source of Life Garden® VPM Vegan Power Meal Naked

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Nature’s Plus® VPM Vegan Power Meal protein is the most effective, rejuvenating, essential nutrient in the world. Its health-boosting effects are recognized by nutrition experts and government health organizations around the world. Countless studies have proven the benefits of dietary protein for the strength and growth of our muscles, cardiovascular systems, digestive tracts and our metabolic and weight management systems. Protein has also been shown to be absolutely vital for healthy hair, skin and nails.

Nature’s Plus VPM Vegan Power Meal protein delivers a full 20 g of protein together with the wholesome essential goodness of vitamins and minerals derived from real, certified organic whole foods. With greater purity than common nutrients, the essential vitamins and minerals in VPM come naturally enhanced with the synergistic cofactors that can only be found in naturally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. VPM comes unsweetened and unflavored, yet is delicious and easily added to shakes, smoothies and other healthful beverages or foods.

Each Serving of Certified Organic Nature’s Plus VPM Features:

» 20 g Complete Protein with All Essential Amino Acids

» Certified Organic Ingredients

» All-Vegan Formula

» No Added Sugar – Suitable for Low-Glycemic Diets

Consistent with all Nature’s Plus organic products, VPM includes the following high-quality features:

Non-GMO • Gluten Free • Soy Free • Yeast Free

• Made in an independently Certified GMP Facility

VPM Mixes Instantly - No Blender Required

Vegan, Yeast-Free Product

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