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Nature's Plus Candida Cleanse™ 7 Day Program

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Nutritional Support for

• Yeast Cleansing and Flora Balance

• Intestinal, Vaginal, & Urinary Tract Health

• Healthy Immune Function

• Free Radical Defense

Nature''s Plus Candida Cleanse™ is a whole-body candida cleanse, uniting powerful probiotics, organic herbs and whole-food-source vitamins and minerals for systemic benefits. This 7-day program consists of morning and evening formulas in convenient capsules. Candida Cleanse supports immune wellness, improves antioxidant defenses, helps to balance microflora, and helps eliminate the conditions (such as excessive sugar) that aid candida growth. Candida Cleanse specifically helps to cleanse the intestines, the urinary tract and the reproductive tract for maximum effectiveness.

Made with organic herbs, the Nature''s Plus line of herbal internal cleansing products includes a variety of programs and formulations for everyone:

  • Fresh Start Cleanse, a two-week, morning and evening program for individuals new to cleansing who wish to promote health and vitality.
  • Complete Body Cleanse, a comprehensive 14-day program, which includes a powerful Herbal Detox formula and two colon cleansing formulas for greater health and vitality.
  • Quick Body Cleanse, a 7-day program for experienced cleansers.
  • Pre-Diet Cleanse, a 3-day energizing and cleansing program to condition the body for healthy weight loss.
  • Candida Cleanse, a 7-day program supporting whole-body candida cleansing, including intestinal, reproductive and urinary tracts.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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