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Gustus Vitae French Onion Gourmet Dry Rub Seasoning

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French Onion Flavor - Now Available On Everything

French Onion is one of our favorite flavors: if we're snacking on chips, it's gonna be that one. And if we're at a bistro and it's on the menu, you can bet we'll be ordering, and only very reluctantly sharing, our favorite soup. So, we've taken it upon ourselves to free ourselves from the tyranny of chips and soup - no more will our (over)indulgence of French Onion be limited to just a few foods. No, we've give flavor freedom to French Onion, and now you can enjoy it's signature deliciousness on whatever you please.

For us, our obsession has taken us in some interesting directions. Using a rub for white fish and shrimp was a no brainer, and we love mixing with sour cream for a quick and delicious dip on a crudité plate. But why stop there? Movie nights got better after using this to dust our popcorn, and it's the perfect spice blend to rub onto chicken skewers before roasting them over a BBQ. We've found that our French Onion seasoning is wonderful on fresh summer salads too: just a sprinkle makes them pop, and when mixed with mayo makes a near-instant ranch if you're more of a Caesar salad fan. Whatever you're whipping up for dinner or a snack, we're sure you''re agree that a little French Onion Seasoning makes it all the better.

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