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Green Sprouts Baby Glass Sip & Straw 4 oz Light Pink

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Glass has long been trusted as the safest and most hygienic material for babies because it is chemically stable and does not absorb tastes and odors.

» travel cap

» silicone sippy spout 6+ m

» silicone straw top 9+m

» collar

» travel disc

» use straw top with or without silicone straw insert

» easy-grip handles

» outer shell insulates & helps protect glass from breakage

» non-slip, shock-absorbing base with safety release outlet

» glass cup insert holds 4 oz (125 mL)

glass sip & straw cup

• liquids only touch silicone & glass

• straw supports healthy oral development

• drip-free spouts with unvented free-flow for natural transition from breast-feeding

• non-slip, shock-absorbing base helps resist breaks

• 2 straw drinking options: traditional & tilted

Materials: Polypropylene, silicone, glass, synthetic rubber

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