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GoLive Kids! Probiotic plus Prebiotic Drink Mix Berrylicious

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GoLive Pre + Probiotic Blends

GoLive® Kids'' convenient single-serving packets do not require refrigeration and go wherever you and your kids go...school, vacation, camp, the beach - anywhere (even "time out")!

15 Probiotic strains (probiotics = good bacteria)

• B. bifidum Bb-06 • B. breve Bb-03 • B. lactis Bl-04 • B. lactis SD-5220 • B. longum Bl05

• L. acidophilus La-14 • L. bulgaricus Lb-64 • L. casei Lc-11 • L. fermentum SD-5847 • L. paracasei lpc-37

• L. plantarum Lp-115 • L. reuteri SD-5865 • L. rhamnosus Lr-32 • L. salivarius Ls-33 • S. thermophilus St-21


Prebiotics (prebiotics = "food" for good bacteria)

L. Glutamine • Galactooligosaccharide • Gum Acacia • Larch Gum • Cane Sugar

Better Probiotics - GoLive products contain a complex blend of fifteen documented and clinically-tested probiotic strains.

Better Prebiotics - Once blended in liquid, GoLive probiotics begin to grow and colonize as they consume the nourishing blend of prebiotic soluble fibers and sugar.

Better Delivery - GoLive probiotic products are freeze-dried and individually packaged in foil to prevent exposure to moisture and harmful heat-generating light. As a result, the probiotics are alive and growing when it counts...at time of consumption.

Better Effects - Probiotics play a key role in health and wellness by colonizing in the gastrointestinal tract - benefiting digestive, metabolic and immune function.

We Take Care of Our Probiotics...So They Can Take Care of You!®

GoLive...Be Well®

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