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Theobroma Cacao Beans, were so highly cherished by the Aztecs and Mayans, that they were often used as currency and in religious ceremonies. Theobroma means "Food of the Gods".

Cacao Powder

The bean of the cacao plant is the source for all chocolate and cocoa products. Our cacao is grown on small farms under dense forest canopies, basking in the shade of tropical trees.

It grows in nutrient rich island soil, which gives it a unique flavor profile that is unlike any other. Each pod of cacao beans is hand picked and selected only when ripe and mature, providing you with the freshest possible flavor and best nutritional value.

Food Alive''s raw cacao powder makes it almost too easy to create delicious chocolate shakes, cakes, truffles, fudge and so much more!

Did you know that raw Cacao is one of nature''s best sources of Magnesium and contains more antioxidants per gram than red wine, green tea, acai or pomegranate?

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