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Respir-Essence is a soothing combination of thyme, licorice root, plantain, nettle, cowslip, and elecampane, all of which have been used traditionally to support respiratory health. The healing microbial properties of thyme and the cooling properties of plantain help to support mucous membrane health and soothe bronchial irritations. In addition to adding a touch of sweetness, licorice root helps to further support lung and respiratory function. Stinging nettle has been used traditionally to support upper respiratory health. Respir-Essence also utilizes elecampane root, of which a major component is inulin, sued to support immune function. Elecampane root has also been traditionally used to support normal mucous secretions and the tissues of the respiratory tract. We promise, Respir-Essence won''t take you breath away...but it might just sweep you off your feet.

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