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Everclear Grain Alcohol

750 mlUPC: 0008835210003
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Distilled from 100% selected grains, Everclear provides a neutral flavor profile along with a high proof. Giving it a unique ability to extract even the subtlest of flavors. Providing you with a clean slate, a blank canvas and endless potential. As with any liquid, the higher the alcohol content, the better its ability to extract flavor. So, the high proof of Everclear makes it virtually unbeaten in the realm of infusions. This level of purity also leads to an extremely neutral flavor profile. Yielding infusions with unadulterated and untainted flavor. For these reasons, many mixologists prefer Everclear for infusions over vodkas or other spirits - and have done so for decades

As a quality, High-proof alcohol, Everclear can be used in smaller quantities than other spirits, so you can create more with each bottle. Odorless, Flavorless & Colorless - Everclear's neutral profile makes it perfect for extracting and infusing flavors. Unique Sense of Control - Everclear offers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to managing sugar & alcohol content.

  • Blend-Grains from United States
  • 190.00 Proof
  • Color: White