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Digestive Advantage Fruit Flavor Probiotic Gummies

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Digestive Advantage® targets your specific digestive health needs and, with continued use, gives you long-term digestive support. That's because Digestive Advantage® contains BC30, a natural probiotic that survives 10x better thanyogurt to deliver good bacteria where you need it.

The probiotic use in Digestive Advantage®is protected by a hardened layer of proteins, which allows it to survive the harsh environment of the stomach better than other probiotics and reach the intestines to promote digestive and immune health. Digestive Advantage helps lessen minor abdominal discomfort, bloating, and helps reduce occasional diarrhea.

  • The probiotic that survives
  • 100x better survivability vs. yogurt & leading probiotics
  • Great tasting natural fruit flavors
  • Powered by Ganeden BC30® Probiotic

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