Valentine's Date Checklist 

Gift basket filled with valentine's date checklist items such as candles, bath bombs and face masks

Valentine's Day can be made that much more memorable with just a little planning ahead.

You could take a fancy mini trip somewhere, or turn the comfort of home into a retreat that removes you from the hurry of daily routine. You could even make your special someone's favorite meal, serve it on a candle-lit table, and romantically celebrate your history together. Whether you spend the day enjoying your favorite shared activities or stay home and draw your loved one a relaxing bath, you can delight in the holiday and skip the frenzy with the help of this checklist:

  1. Bath salts: Soaking in Epsom salt soothes tired muscles, and the hot water warms chilled bones in February.
  2. Essential oils: Aromatherapy is valued all over the globe; bring the magic into your home.
  3. Flowers: Make a few small arrangements in low vases to place around the house. They'll remain past Valentine's Day and be a sweet reminder of the occasion.
  4. Chocolate: Boring? Never. Set out a chocolate sampler that includes trusted favorites, as well as a few new flavors.
  5. Candles: The warm glow of a flame is always more comforting than overhead lighting. Try tall taper candles at the dinner table for an extra special touch.
  6. A special meal: Think back to your first date and recreate what you had for dinner, or make new memories by choosing something you know they currently love.
  7. Music: Create a playlist of meaningful songs or gift a new album they've been wanting.
  8. A framed photo of you together: Most of our albums are digital these days, so print and frame a photo that means something to you both.
  9. A love letter: Handwrite and seal it in an envelope for them to read and cherish.
  10. Special activity: What do you like to do together? Give the gift of quality time in the form of theater tickets, a golf membership or a wine tasting.