Carnation Bouquet with Printable Tags

Pink, white, and red carnations flowers wrapped in brown tissue paper as a boutquet

Created by: KC Coake, The Real Thing with the Coake Family

Here’s a simple and beautiful DIY gift idea for you that is great for spring occasions such as Teacher Appreciation Day or Admin Appreciation Day, as well as Mother’s Day. Or just to brighten the day of a sick friend or someone going through a hard time. 

For a great homemade bouquet, look for carnations, mums and alstroemeria in spring colors such as pink, white and yellow. The grower's bunches are great because they are one type of flower and are generally very reasonably priced. You can pick three different colors and mix them to suit any occasion.

Bring home one bunch of large lilies, too, for contrast in both size and color in a bouquet. Orange Asiatic lilies are fun, or you can keep it more pink and white with Stargazer lilies. (One lily goes in each bouquet – so you’ll have enough to make several bouquets – spread the love!) You can easily change the colors for any occasion or holiday. 

  • Start with 2 stems of light pink carnations, 2 stems of white carnations, 1 stem of mini dark pink carnations, 1 spray of pink alstroemeria and 2 stems of yellow button mums. Vary yours according to your color scheme, but be sure to have at least three colors. 
  • Choose 1 lily for the center of the bouquet. This will add a focal point with a single large, dramatic flower. 
  • Cut the stems to an equal length. 
  • To make a bouquet you can carry, start with tissue or wrapping paper cut to 18.5” x 14”.
  • Lay 4 stems of flowers on the paper. Then add the lily, and another layer of flowers, mixing up the colors. Since this is going to be a carried bouquet, you can bring the flowers down just slightly with each layer.
  • If you are worried that your flowers will shift around, you can place a rubber band around the ends. Just place it up high enough that you won't see it and it will be covered by the paper.
  • You can use both tissue and wrapping paper to make it more sturdy and to add more color with a pretty layered look. 
  • Finally, tie your bouquet with a piece of matching ribbon and add a gift tag. (Here’s a link for quick and festive printable tags.) 

If you’re short on time you can always choose one of our pre-arranged bouquets that feature a similar mix of carnations, mums and one of those dramatic lilies.