3 New Ways to Style Your Holiday Table

Glass vases filled with red beads, peppermints and cranberries with tea lights placed in the middle

Decadent Edible Runner

Celebrate rich hues, exotic flavors and abundance by creating an edible runner — which conveniently doubles as healthy hors d’oeuvre — with winter produce! Heap pomegranates, red and green pears, grapes, plums, fresh figs and clove-decorated tangerines down the center of your dining room table.

If staining a tablecloth isn’t a concern, halve a few of the pomegranates and display their jewel-like seeds in small bowls. The insides of figs are also lovely, with a delicate yellow rind and rosy pulp, so halve a few of those, too.

Accent your edible runner with crystalized ginger, chocolate truffles, bowls of dates and nuts of all sorts — whole walnuts, filberts, chestnuts and pecans are especially enticing.

Snowy Glamor 

This décor is inspired by quiet, sparkling snowfall. Mirror the magic that occurs when the world is hushed under a fresh, peaceful blanket.

Set your dining table with a white centerpiece or runner and many white, silver, or gold candles. You can use tea lights, tapers, or candlesticks. Float white roses in crystal punch bowls.

Trim the table, mantle, bannisters and crown molding with real, pine garland, or with twinkling white holiday lights, and enchant your guests!

Red, Green and Fun

Use classic Christmas colors for this traditional, whimsical theme. Alternately fill glass vases with red or green beads and nestle white, taper candles inside. Trim the table runner with jingle bells, gold tinsel or silver sparkles.

Place fresh cranberries and spare evergreen trimmings in a clear, unadorned glass jar, fill it with water and float tea lights on top. Wrap spare, empty boxes in gift paper and make piles of presents in the corners of the room, on a sideboard or credenza.