OptUP™: Eating Well, Simplified

Publish Date May 5, 2023 4 Minute Read
Author Joy Wang, RDN, LD

Does choosing nutritious foods feel difficult and confusing at times? OptUP™ is a digital tool that can make it easier to choose foods that are right for you.

Built by our registered dietitians and data scientists, OptUP™ is designed to make it simple and sustainable for you to shop with us and eat well. OptUP™ removes the guesswork and makes focusing on food choices easy and fun. Unlike other tools that track nutrition, there’s no tedious manual logging of food or meals required.

OptUP™ can help you find better choices through 3 main features: product nutrition ratings, OptUP™ scores and Better for You options.

Nutrition Ratings

OptUP™ nutrition ratings, posted on the web pages of individual items, simplify the nutrition facts panel by scoring products based on a scale of 1-100. For example, Idaho Potatoes have an OptUP™ Nutrition Rating of 92. A proprietary algorithm combines expert clinical dietitian judgment, evidence-based literature and machine learning to rate products.

Ratings tend to increase when foods are higher in fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, protein, fiber and healthy fats. Ratings tend to decrease when foods contain higher amounts of sugar, calories, saturated fats and sodium. Products are classified as:

  • Green (71-100 rating): These are nutritious, Better for You options. Our dietitians recommend that green items make up 50% or more of your cart for a balanced diet.
  • Yellow (41-70 rating): These foods fall somewhere in the middle. Our dietitians recommend that yellow items make up 40% of your grocery cart.
  • Red (1-40 rating): Enjoy these foods mindfully and in smaller portions. Our dietitians recommend that red items make up 10% or less of your grocery cart.

Since mindful eating is all about balance, strive to shop mostly green category items while reserving a smaller portion of your cart for red category items. As you shop online, you can find nutrition ratings on thousands of product pages in the nutrition information section.

OptUP™ Scores: Personalized for Your Household’s Purchases

The nutrition ratings from your household’s recent purchases are used to calculate your OptUP™ score. The score reflects the overall nutritional value of your shopping trips over time – the higher the score, the more nutritious the purchases. By monitoring your score, you can get insights into the nutritional quality of your household purchases and track progress over time.

OptUP™ scores range from 10 to 1,000, and our registered dietitians recommend aiming for a score above 600. You can find your score by logging in to the My Nutrition Insights or on our app.

Better for You Options

Wondering how to improve your OptUP™ score? Look for the Better for You options located below the nutrition information on each product page. These are similar but higher-scoring versions of the foods and beverages you tend to shop for.

Better for You options have a more preferable balance between positive attributes, such as whole grains or fiber, and attributes that should be consumed in moderation, like added sugar or sodium. The key to choosing nourishing foods is finding the right balance of foods you love to eat. Select choices that are Better for You when you’re willing to make a change.

Get Started Today

Research has shown that a diet focused on a variety of nutrient-dense foods can help to improve your health. OptUP™ equips you with information to help you make choices that can support a healthy lifestyle, while allowing you to find flexibility where you can in your diet.

OptUP™ aims to make it easier to live a healthier life through a "Food as Medicine" approach. To find nutritious options and set health goals, you can also meet with a registered dietitian for more expert and personalized nutrition guidance.

Disclaimer: This information is educational only and is not meant to provide healthcare recommendations. Please see a healthcare provider.