Game-winning Recipes for Tailgate Grilling

Game-winning Recipes for Tailgate Grilling

Publish Date August 9, 2023 5 Minute Read

Touchdown for Tailgate Grilling

Tailgating might just be the ultimate celebration of team spirit, and while chips and dip are great, nothing beats the smells and sounds of tailgate grilling. Whether you're a seasoned tailgating enthusiast or a newcomer looking to impress, this article is your guide to grilled perfection in the parking lot.

4 Burger Toppings for Game Day

Looking to score big on game day? Take your tailgate to the next level with these trending burger toppings.

Grilling for a Crowd

Grilling for a large group can be intimidating, but it’s a great way to feed a crowd.

A small, portable grill is the best option for most tailgates. Small grills are fine for most venues, but it’s best to check with your stadium beforehand to see if there are any specific restrictions. Make sure you come prepared with propane or charcoal, plastic plates and cutlery, foil and all your typical grilling gear. If you tailgate often, it may make sense to have a bag of necessities that you can replenish after games.

  • Plan ahead: Prepare your menu in advance and choose recipes that are easy to cook and can be prepped ahead of time. Go for items like burgers, hot dogs, kebabs or chicken wings that cook relatively quickly.
  • Pre-cut and marinate: Save time at the tailgate by pre-cutting meats and marinating them at home. This way, you can simply place them on the grill when you're ready to cook.
  • Focus on handhelds: Skewers are perfect for grilling small items like veggies, shrimp or cubed meats. Hot dogs and hamburgers are always a favorite.
  • Delegate and socialize: Get your friends or fellow tailgaters involved in the grilling process. Not only does it lighten your load, but it adds to the communal atmosphere of tailgating.

And remember, while you may want that hall-of-fame nod for grill master, you’re tailgating to have fun. Don’t overwhelm yourself and instead stick with a small menu of tried-and-true foods.

Tailgate All-stars

The most popular tailgate foods always seem to be the classics: hot dogs, hamburgers and wings. These handheld foods are easy to make and please just about every palette.

Burger Recipes

Switch up your typical burger recipe by adding more than just meat to your patty. Include cheese, bacon or herbs, and try diced jalapeños if you want some spice.

But it’s not just what’s inside the burger that counts. If you’re looking for some inspiration on new ways to top a burger, we’ve got you covered. These burgers with spicy mayo are amazing on the grill.

Hot Dog and Bratwurst Recipes

Grilled hot dogs can go from traditional to touchdown-worthy by slicing a slit in them, filling it with a piece of cheese and wrapping the whole dog in bacon before putting it on the grill. Looking for something a little more flavorful and unique? Then it’s time to try the wursts. Bratwurst and mettwurst are the flavorful cousins of the standard ballpark frank and deserve a spot on your gameday roster.

Wing Recipes

Wings are always a hit and, when grilled, they pick up even more flavor. Grilled wings are a quick way to please a crowd. Explore different sauces and dips to take your wings up a notch. Check out even more chicken wing ideas for game day.

More Game-winning Tailgate Grilling Recipes

Ready to get grilling? Here are more recipes to make your tailgate a sizzling success.

More Tailgating Ideas

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