9 Family-Friendly Meals Under $20

9 Family-Friendly Meals Under $20

Publish Date April 9, 2024 2 Minute Read

Budgeting your grocery bill doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on variety or flavor. In fact, you might be surprised at the range of well-rounded, delicious creations you can make for a family of four for under $20 per meal! On this page, we’ll show you that it doesn’t always take a lot of ingredients or expensive components to create something that’ll please a crowd or leave leftovers that you’ll actually look forward to eating. But before we get into some quick, cheap meals you can make for tonight’s dinner, let’s go over a few tips for saving money at the store.

Tips for Shopping on a Budget

We know that grocery shopping can add up quickly, especially when you show up without a plan. Before you start your cart, you might want to consider these quick tips for saving money on groceries:

  • Meal Plan: Instead of browsing the aisles for inspiration, decide what you’re going to make and create a list. Planning a few cheap meals to cook before you head to the store will help keep you focused on what you actually need and prevent impulse purchases.
  • Buy in Bulk: When possible, stock up on pantry essentials and other items that have a long shelf life. Having things like rice, pasta or canned sauces on hand can make it easy to turn last night’s rotisserie chicken into tonight’s fresh Chicken and Spinach Alfredo Casserole.
  • Look for Locked in Low Prices: Look for items with Locked in Low Prices to find low prices on meal staples, snacks, frozen items and other everyday favorites. You can use these low-priced items to help create affordable dinner ideas week after week.
  • Shop Weekly Deals: Check out the weekly deals to clip coupons and save on different items every week. This is a great way to find new foods to try and stock up on favorites at a discount.

How to Make Cheap Family Meals Under $20

What if we told you that making a delicious and healthy meal for your family can be quick, easy and also affordable? Well, get ready to impress! Each of these meals are packed with flavor, large enough for a family of four and best of all, cost less than $20 to make. While we strive to keep our prices low, prices and availability of products are subject to change based on location and season. Recipe prices do not include at-home essentials such as butter, olive oil, salt and pepper. These recipes change based on seasons, prices and trends, so check back often to find easy, cheap meals to make at home any time of the year.

Southwest Chicken Wrap

These loaded wraps make for a delicious lunch or dinner that the whole family can enjoy.

Continue Your Journey

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