Chicken Casserole Recipes

Easy Chicken Casserole Recipes

Publish Date December 21, 2022 1 Minute Read

Comforting, filling and, best of all, easy, it’s no surprise why casseroles are a dinner staple in most households. These hearty meals are simple to put together, great for families of any size and incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking for a way to use up leftovers or meal planning for the week, we’ve gathered a few chicken casserole ideas that’ll help you plan a dinner the whole family will enjoy.

What is a Casserole?

We all grew up eating them, but what exactly is a casserole? Originally, casseroles were anything that were both cooked and served in a casserole dish, though today you can cook casseroles in your pressure cooker. Typically including a protein, a binder (such as flour or pasta) and a breadcrumb or cheese topping, casseroles bring a wide variety of ingredients together for a flavorful meal that’s easy to whip up and clean up, too. Delicious and simple? That’s how we (casse)role.

Easy Casserole Recipes

Even the pickiest eater in your household won’t be able to turn down a creamy, comforting dinner casserole. With flavor inspiration from around the world, we’ve gathered our favorite crowd-pleasing chicken casserole recipes here – there’s something for everyone!

To make your night even easier, try prepping any of these casseroles or casserole ingredients a day ahead and storing them in your refrigerator until you’re ready to bake. For more family meal inspiration, check out the bonus casserole recipes below, and take a look at these easy meal solutions for every day of the week.

More Easy Chicken Casserole Recipes