Glasses of Fruit and Herb Infused Waters

Sizzling Summer Beauty

Publish Date May 2, 2024 1 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Don’t sweat the small stuff this season with these easy-breezy tips.

Drink It In

The saying, “beauty comes from within,” is true! Staying hydrated can help keep your skin’s lipid barrier healthy, which prevents moisture loss. It may also improve skin elasticity, creating a more youthful glow. Plus, it helps keep your overall body functioning at its best. Make water more enticing by infusing it with fresh fruit flavors. Mix and match fruits to create thirst-quenching combos.

Glass of Cucumber and Mint infused water

Sliced Cucumber + Fresh Mint Leaves: This is the ultimate refresher for the palate and perfectly light for hot summer days.

Glass of lemon and Blueberry infused water

Lemon Wheels + Blueberries: A little sweet and a little tart to satisfy the best of both worlds.

Glass of Strawberry, Lime and basil infused water

Sliced Strawberries + Lime Wheels + Fresh Basil Leaves: Fancy being poolside? Sip on this combo that has a sweet start and tangy finish.

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More Summer Beauty Tips

Keep It Au Naturale

Looking to switch to a natural deodorant? Be patient and give it time. It can take a while for your body to adjust and see noticeable results. Remember, it has to rid itself of any residual aluminum if you’ve been using antiperspirants. Keep any transitional odors at bay by washing and wiping down armpits throughout the day, then reapplying deodorant. Just be careful not to overwash, as it can lead to skin irritation. And get comfortable with being a little “uncomfortable.” That dampness and sweat is normal and natural!

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Reduce the Routine

Opt for beauty products that can do it all — they make it faster to refresh your look and they’re easier to pack for summer trips. For instance, liquid blush or makeup sticks can pull triple their weight. Give your cheeks a glow or your lips a kiss of color, or make your eyes pop.